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Thread: Review Car Hire Site Please

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    Review Car Hire Site Please

    Please could you review my works website I manage, im also looking for some styling ideas as my mind has gone blank, thanks in advanced


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    I would prefer the header and side navigation to stay still and the list of vehicles to scroll instead.

    The font on the navigation could be a little larger. Apart from that, it just needs a tiny bit of tweaking but is almost there.
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    i would here agree with wh666-666. It seems bit irritating that side bar menu scrolls along with vehicles. Also there is some problem with i think some padding or something like some colon) i seen down, than some cars are not in proper line, well i am not sure if its intentionally

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    i, for one, just don't like logos, etc. that constantly spin, move, etc. much too distracting. font in the left menu is too small. i also noticed that if you keep scrolling down... you eventually get to some gray background and the menu gets "stuck". the gray background is too big.

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