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Thread: [RESOLVED] Does my site use cookies?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Does my site use cookies?

    With this impending cookie law coming on on the 26th I wondered if someone could advise if the ad spots on my website use cookies.

    I know very little about cookies and have sorted out the google analytics ones on the sites I have that's no problem.

    I do have a text-link-ads plugin on my wordpress site but I don't think it uses cookies.

    Can anyone tell?

    http://aidanloughran.co.uk/wordpress ---> The ad is located at the bottom of the right toolbar under a heading called Sponsors.

    I can easily take it off but just wondered.

    All help is much appreciated.


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    This cookie law, is this a UK thing?

    No cookie's found when I visited your site... looks like your Stub Hub link is just that, a link.
    "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
    -- Douglas Adams

    Have you minified your CSS/JS lately?

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    Thought so, I have downloaded a cookie checker for Firefox and it tells you the cookies - very useful indeed.


    Yeah it is a UK thing, well EU thing. It's making life very difficult. Hasn't gone down very well at all with people developing websites.

    I build sites but I stick to basic PHP, MySQL, HTML etc, I don't delve into cookies or know much about them!

    Thanks for your help, it's appreciated!

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