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Thread: Help us improve our service - and win prizes

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    Help us improve our service - and win prizes

    Hello Everybody,

    We are the team behind Webmastat.com - a "webmaster dashboard". Currently in beta.
    Webmastat has a few hundreds of users already, but we have noticed that they are not actually using the service.
    Most of them also totally ignored our survey in which we asked for the reasons.

    We need your help.
    It would be perfect if you could spare some time - take a look at the website, register, try to use it for a few days.
    After a week or so we will email you with a link to the survey.

    All of you that would attend will have our gratitude.
    Additionally, every tenth user that fills in our survey will be awarded with 1-year "Basic" subscription.
    (It can be exchanged to 1-year "One Monitor" subscription at Website-Monitoring.com if you decide that Webmastat.com is not really for you).

    Please use the link below to let us recognize you:

    Thanks for your involvement!

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    sure sir I want to register your site and want to do SEO of my official site which is based on EB-5 Visa|Investor Visa and Real Estate Development|Real Estate Investor. So I want to check daily usage of my website. Webmaster is main tool for checkout all this thing. Thanks for giving a link of your this site.

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