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Thread: Help: placing the navigation bar next to the logo

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    Help: placing the navigation bar next to the logo

    So, my head hurts over a silly issue.
    I need to put my logo next to that nav. bar
    I've included all the files you'll need.
    Notice that it's a very incomplete page.
    The header needs work, and everything.
    It's my first time making a website, ever!
    So, don't be harsh
    Thanks allot in advance, you guys are seriously awesome.
    I don't have a FTP server yet,
    I've uploaded the entire website to mediafire in a zip file.
    I hope it's no inconvenience.
    It's only 4mbs download.
    Here's a quick look at the problem:

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    I would really be more interested if you could show me a live page!
    Or, at least the code (please post it here)!


    By the way, what problem are you facing exactly?
    Have you tried using: "float: left;" ?
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    I'm not willing to download a zip from an unknown source, and I doubt anyone else will unless they have a quarantine area set up. The zip could contain malicious code, even if you are entirely unaware of it...

    This could be a float issue, as already suggested, but, from the jpg, I do not understand why the menu is indented from the left, but not right aligned? This suggests that the logo and the menu may be floating, but are enclosed in a div which has the width set too small to accommodate both on the same line?

    Without the code, it is difficult to be more precise than that.

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    It's alright, i should've thought that.
    Your skepticism is very healthy, in these times.
    I've uploaded the HTML with pastebin.
    That's for the HTML file
    That's for the CSS file of the navigation bar.
    I'll try and put up a livesite.

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    By the way, thanks allot for this

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    Solved it.
    Thanks allot for everoyne that helped in this
    it means allot

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