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Thread: How can clients maintain their own website?

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    Exclamation How can clients maintain their own website?

    I'm new to developing websites "professionally", but we all had to start somewhere right? I offered to build a website for the businesses in my area "pro bono" that allows them to post events they hold annually. My question is, do I have to update the information manually every time they want to add a new event? Or is there a program that will allow them to update the website by themselves after I build it?

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    You need to look up the term CMS on google.

    What you would do for example, is set up the entire site template, then they could use something like wordpress to add content.

    Do a little research, have a play around on blogger pages where CMS is widespread and you will become more adept ...
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    +1 for wordpess

    I have built a couple of free websites for local clubs using wordpress in the past. All they had to pay for is domain registration and hosting.

    Wordpress is very customizeable and once you have a template for the website set-up they can add/change information using the wordpress admin panel relatively easily.

    I will say it takes a bit to get your head around customizing the template but if you know any php it will be a lot easier. and if you are proficient in php it would be a sinch.

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    Not too hard to set up a site template, and then integrate ckEditor to allow them to edit the sections they need to update while protecting the underlying structure from accidents.
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    I appreciate the responses! I will look into both Wordpress and ckEditor.

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