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Thread: Is it possible? PHP+MySQL (analysis)

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    Is it possible? PHP+MySQL (analysis)

    I need some help with my project. I would like to make my everyday work easier. I would like to:
    • upload excel(or CSV) to MySQL, in separeted tables
    • need dropdown boxes, first lists tables, second list the choosen table's fields
    • more same function boxes
    • if i choose a field it will be added to a query

    For example, i have multiple excels with one ID column and 2-3 other data columns, upload them in separated mysql tables. I need to compare selected tables. These datas using the same ID-s(so i need JOIN). And i would like to highlight the lowest value in each row.

    Is this possible to make it with PHP and MySQL? Any help would be great!

    P.s: Sorry my english isn't good, i hope it's understandable.

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    Yes, it is possible. You could do it entirely within PHP and its MySQL or MySQLi extensions (or PDO, for that matter) along with PHP's file upload capabilities and the fgetcsv() function; or you could call MySQL's "LOAD DATA IN FILE" to have it directly load the CSV file -- perhaps via the command line using PHP's shell_exec() function.
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    import specific column

    Thanks for your answer!
    How can i solve that(fgetcsv() can this?) at import:
    When i import a csv, i would like to select wich column contains ID, value1, value2. So, if i have a 6 columns csv, but want only import 3 columns(example:second, third, fifth)(in prenamed fields). And specific table's name.

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