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Thread: Questionable Job Offer Scenario

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    Questionable Job Offer Scenario

    I've been struggling to find a job. My background is in web development (LAMP stack, javascript, some graphic design experience).

    I've recently had a job offer from [what appears to be] a good development studio as a junior - with one catch: The employer requires I purchase a MacBook Pro to work off. Job advert specifically said "own laptop", but during the interview, when I told them I was willing to purchase a laptop, they told me that a normal laptop isn't acceptable - I have to have a MacBook Pro "so they can provide their clients with the right image".

    This is no small chunk of change for something I don't want/need, simply so I can be allowed to work there. The next dilemma (which I didn't think of during the interview) is that what if I am required to purchase licenses to Adobe products? As they will also be necessary for me to do my job.

    That's easily the next 6 weeks of my salary, or approximately 3 months of my savings. Previously, employers have fit the bill for necessary tools. I'm told there is no legal requirement for an employer to provide these tools, and that it is purely contractual. Thoughts/suggestions?

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    Doesn't sound like a good option to me.

    I understand that you're struggling to find a job, but spending a few grand seems like a step in the wrong direction. And there's no knowing if you'll have to spend more.

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