Hi .. I can't get this UPDATE working, i can successfully INSERT INTO and SELECT*FROM the mysql table, but this UPDATE script does not update. I have copy/pasted any section i can from working queries. I have followed and implemented all forum solutions with no joy, I run the script in the browser and get no errors ... This is my first attempt at PHP web services so my knowledge is limited and so hopefully the problem will be painfully obvious to the trained eye.

If anyone can see anything or suggest something to establish the problem it would be greatly appreciated



@mysql_select_db('*************') or die ('Unable to find database');

$formTitle = $_POST['formTitle'];
$formRows = $_POST['formRows'];
$status = $_POST['status'];
$openedBy = $_POST['openedBy'];
$openedDate = $_POST['openedDate'];
$modifiedBy = $_POST['modifiedBy'];
$modifiedDate = $_POST['modifiedDate'];
$closedBy = $_POST['closedBy'];
$closedDate = $_POST['closedDate'];
$sendTo = $_POST['sendTo'];
$formCount = $_POST['formCount'];

$query = "UPDATE forms SET formRows='$formRows',status='$status',openedBy='$openedBy',openedDate='$openedDate',modifiedBy='$modifiedBy',modifiedDate='$modifiedDate',closedBy='$closedBy',closedDate='$closedDate',sendTo='$sendTo',formCount='$formCount' WHERE formTitle ='$formTitle'";

mysql_query($query) or die (mysql_error());