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Thread: Website displaying differantly FF/IE

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    Website displaying differantly FF/IE

    Hey guys, I'm having an annoying problem that i cant seem to resolve fully..


    I'm coding my site myself, relearning as i go, the site is made of a 24 column 960px grid.

    I've added a bar going down the right of the page, got it lined up and loading right with push n pull and custom values...
    Then looked at it in IE, and it has gaps...
    If i make the div class a little longer IE looks fine, but it then pushes gaps into the main body in FF !

    Resizing images seems to do next to nothing, i just cant see why.

    here is a piece of affected code:

    PHP Code:

    .Fragmentbackground-image:url('images/frag2.gif'); width:85px  ;  background-repeat:repeat-ybackground-size:contain;}

    Text_Bar($data){ echo "
        <div class='grid_24 '>
            <div class='grid_2 alpha'> </div>
            <div class='grid_20 MainFont MainTextBacking' style='margin-right: 0px'><center>" 
    $data "</center></div>
            <div class='grid_2 omega Fragment' style='margin-left: 0px;  width: 80px; ' >
                <div class='grid_2 '> </div><div class='grid_2 '> </div><div class='grid_2 '> </div><div class='grid_2 '> </div>
                    <div class='grid_2 '> </div><div class='grid_2 '> </div><div class='grid_2 '> </div>
        <div class='clear'></div>"
    Hope i have supplied enough data, and that someone knows what i need to change.

    Thanks in advance guys.


    All i can think of now is some check to see what browser is in use, then display it accordingly.... Reckon this is necessary?
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    It looks like browser detection is the way..

    Makes this more of a php problem I guess.

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    Yeah! you should detect the browser! The navigator object contains all the information you need. http://web-design-lessons.com/articl...er%20Detection

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