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Thread: Role of Domain Name Extension

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    Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, India

    Thumbs up Role of Domain Name Extension

    There are many Domain's like:
    .com- It used for commercial websites.
    .edu- It used for educational purpose websites.
    .in- It shows as Indian website.
    .org- It used for a organization.
    .uk- Used for uk based websites.
    .co.in- Means its indian commercial website.

    If anybody have more domain name extensions please share on this post..

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    United State
    .us for united state ???
    I'm right ??

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    Bokaro Steel City (Jharkhand), India!
    .co (latest and SEO friendly)
    .name (Personal/Portfolio)
    .gov (Governmental websites)
    .pk (Pakistani websites)
    .au (Australian websites)
    .ru (Russian websites)
    ... (All countries have their individual extensions!)
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    you can see alot of domain name extensions in this site

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    what about this

    domain name extensions

    ae United Arab Emirates
    ai Anguilla
    ar Argentine Republic
    arpa Advanced Projects Research Agency
    at Austria
    au Australia
    be Belgium
    bg Bulgaria
    bh Finland
    bm Bermuda
    bo Bolivia
    br Brazil
    ca Canada
    ch Switzerland
    cl Chile
    cn People's Republic of China
    co Colombia
    com Commercial
    cr Costa Rica
    cy Cyprus
    cz Czech Republic
    de Federal Republic of Germany
    dk Denmark
    do Dominican Republic
    ec Ecuador
    edu Education
    ee Estonia
    eg Arab Republic of Egypt
    es Spain
    fi Finland
    fj Fiji
    fo Faroe Islands
    fr France
    gb Great Britain
    ge Georgia
    gl Greenland
    gov Government
    gr Greece
    gu Guam
    hk Hong Kong (Hisiangkang, Xianggang)
    hr Croatia / Hrvatska
    hu Hungary
    id Indonesia
    ie Ireland
    il Israel
    in India
    int International
    is Iceland
    it Italian Republic
    jm Jamaica
    jo The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
    jp Japan
    kr Korea
    kw Kuwait
    ky Cayman Islands
    kz Kazakhstan
    lc Saint Lucia
    li Principality of Liechtenstein
    lt Lithuania
    lu Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
    lv Latvia
    mil Military
    mo Macau (Ao-me'n)
    mt Malta
    mx United Mexican States
    my Malaysia
    net Network
    ni Nicaragua
    nl Netherlands
    no Norway
    nz New Zealand
    org Organization
    pa Panama
    pe Peru
    ph Philippines
    pl Poland
    pt Portuguese Republic
    ro Romainia
    ru Russian Federation
    se Sweden
    sg Singapore
    si Slovenia
    sk Slovakia
    su Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    th Thailand
    tr Turkey
    tt Trinidad & Tobago
    tw Taiwan
    ua Ukraine
    ug Uganda
    uk United Kingdom of Great Britain
    us United States of America
    uy Uruguay
    ve Venezuela
    za South Africa
    zm Zambia

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    That is a lot of extensions.

    Probably could find even more if you looked hard enough.
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    .com.au is australian commercial website domain extension
    .ca is commercial website domain extension for canada

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    There are some Domain Name Extension :-
    .aero-air-transport industry
    .asia-Asia-Pacific region
    .int-international organizations
    .name-individuals, by name
    .tel-Internet communication services
    .travel-travel and tourism industry related sites

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