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Thread: phpMyAdmin - database export problems

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    phpMyAdmin - database export problems

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to export a database from phpMy admin to Excel. Some of my product codes are coming out as dates, whereas others are fine. Eg

    09-2196 Exporting as: Sept-96

    09-1036 This one's exporting correctly

    Firstly, why are some codes converting to dates, whereas others are not?

    Secondly, is there anything that I can do to prevent this from happening when exporting?

    Any pointers would be greatly received. Thanks.

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    Excel is trying to be helpful - since it sort of looks like a date format... change the field type in Excel on the columns to number or text.
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    Thanks for that. I have tried that, but unfortunately, when this is changed to text format, the code is incorrect. Any way around this?

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    Did you try to export your data as .txt file (delimited) and then when you open it using Excel it will ask you to assign data types for the each field.
    There you can choose data type as "text" for the field in question and it should be fine.

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