Good day, all,

I am afraid I cannot share a working URL or sample code for this one; I'm working on a proprietary site for a client. I am also unable to replicate in an environment in which I build sample code from the ground up. Rather, I'm being forced to use code supplied by my client and have to tweak it to make it work. Throwing it all out and starting over is not an option and since I didn't build it, initially, I've no idea why certain things are coded the way they are.

Believe me: I want to do this from scratch ... this is real spaghetti-code.

What I would like to know is if anyone here has heard of this general problem and if there are any approaches I could use to find fixes and work-arounds.

PROBLEM: The site displays just fine in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE8, and IE9. When in IE8 or IE9, if I enter "Compatibility Mode", the layout shifts and becomes slightly skewed and broken. Z-indexes don't seem to work properly, background image positioning seems off, and some heights seem broken.

QUESTION: Has anyone heard of this or found ways to address/target CSS interpretation bugs that only appear in "Compatibility Mode"?