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Thread: Search mySQL DB with any number of optional terms

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    Search mySQL DB with any number of optional terms

    First time writing this type of script. I thought I'd share it and see if anyone has suggestions for improvement (it works). Hopefully the comments are clear enough. Thanks!

    PHP Code:
    <?php if ( isset($_POST['submit']) ) {                    

    $rec_number 1;
    $count 0;
    $query "SELECT * FROM properties WHERE ";         //the sql query will be build on this
    unset($_POST['submit']);                            //detele this key because it throws off the calculations
    foreach ( $_POST as $key => $value ) {                //the keys of this varible must match the equivalent db columns to be searched

    if ( $value != "" ) {                           //Do this with every search item that has a value


                    if ( 
    $count == ) {                         //one term search does not require AND and must be handled separately
    $query $query "$key='$value'"
                    else {                                       
    //Multiple terms require the AND in between terms and builds on the one term search
    $query $query " AND $key='$value'";

    //run query
    if ( $count == ) {                                   //if there are no search terms, say so
    echo "There are no search terms!"
                } ELSE {                                           
    //run it
                //optionally, add and ORDER BY option here to reorder the results, 
                //or even include that option in the search form and then append it to the query here
                //but it will complicate the counting routine

    $query $query.";";
    $result mysql_query($query);


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    The perfect environment for SQL injection...

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    Thanks for that reminder... I'm going to control that with user sql user privileges.

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