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Thread: Google Maps API

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    Google Maps API

    Hi All,

    Thanks for checking this post. I have a very general question. I am currently developing a site for my small business and have just obtained and scripted my Google Maps API key. I need to allow my registered users/customers to upload their own businesses and locations onto my map. I'd like them to be able to upload a few pictures and a short description. Is this at all possible? If so, can anyone provide a link to additional information on how to go about implementing this feature?

    Thanks in advance - I'm a beginner so any help is much appreciated.

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    you will need a database to store your customer's info (javascript cannot do this) and a way of interacting with the information in the database (javascript can't do that either). Most people use a combination of mySQL (a very common server-based database - chances are your hosting package will have one included, or you can get one added free), php and AJAX. The google tutorials are here for getting the info and here for displaying it.

    I made a test page that combines the two and displays inputs in real time. You can have a look here. If you are a beginner it will all probably seem a little overwhelming, but follow the tutorials and you should be ok.

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    Thanks a lot Xelawho. I'll take a look at those links.

    I appreciate the help!

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