dear all
please i want php script
Graduation Project :
and i have many users
i want to insert many thing in script ass :
computer name
user name use computer
serial number PC
Model Number PC
and i want to search by serial number PC or User Name
and get all information's :
whats kind the pc with this user
and whats program in this PC users
And user details
and program in this user PC
many thing
what is the good script can do this information's ?
and i have example in attach files
but this example is access
i would like to make ass this example but by script
u can see the example here :

the layout i want to put in the script
many thing ass:

and i if i want search example : PC
i can search by Name pc or serial number or model number ....

And in layout PC i want to have many actions :
move to another section

and i want if i like search with any user i can get:
all information user example :
name :
depart :
date of join to company :
title job :
PC information : if have DELL Or PHP
software use : if windows xp pr windows 7

i want get free script To make all i need please help me