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Thread: What should I learn to become a web developer?

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    What should I learn to become a web developer?

    Hi, so I've been teaching myself web development/design for about 6 month now. I'm pretty proficient at converting PSDs using HTML and CSS, and I've learned some Javascript (read Eloquent Javascript, practiced some on my own and read some more tutorials) and am okay at the basic stuff like form verification, simple DOM manipulations and OO programming etc...
    I'm kinda stuck about what I should learn/do next. Should I read a book that's more in depth on CSS? Learn Jquery? Read a more in-depth javascript book like Javascript: The Definitive Guide or Javascript the Good parts, or just get out there and see what I can do?
    I'm hoping to build a small portfolio and some work experience by the end of the summer, and hope one day maybe a year from now to become a client-side web developer, maybe with more in-depth knowledge of some graphic and design parts as well. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    If you want to become a developer so you have to learn. First of all .php, java & vb.net kind for courses. And this all things are the basic of development.

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    To be a more complete web developer you'd want to learn a server side language. Maybe start with PHP because it's very popular.

    As for getting more proficient on client side, HTML5 and CSS3 are becoming more popular. jQuery is useful and not very difficult. Responsive design and web for mobile devices are also hot topics.

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