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Thread: Quicksand 2 CSS4 Selector Engine for JavaScript

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    Quicksand 2 CSS4 Selector Engine for JavaScript

    I have developed a robust CSS selector engine for JavaScript with support for Selectors Level 4. It has a lot of options to make it highly customizable including custom pseudo-classes, custom prefixes with three levels of extended features, and it supports both domain and scope filtering (filtering the "normal" way and the querySelectorAll way). It's cross-browser and lightning fast. Great for library developers or anyone who just wants a selector engine without the overhead of a full-blown library.

    It's the only selector engine to support the Selectors Level 4 working draft, which includes a lot of new helpful features, so it's a good way to go ahead and start using CSS4 selectors.

    Check it out at http://quicksand.joijs.com/

    Comments welcome.
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