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Thread: Do custom html helpers get compiled?

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    Do custom html helpers get compiled?

    Hi. I'm new to ASP.NET (aside: should I be posting here, or in the .NET forum?). I was just wondering about what parts of, say, an MVC project get compiled, and in particular if custom html helpers get compiled.

    Also, when stuff gets compiled, what does it get compiled to? (i.e. what binary files get created and where do they go). Then, when I commit the site to a live server, is it necessary to upload the source code of anything that was compiled? (e.g. if all controllers get compiled, do I need to upload their source for the site to work?). I'm using Visual Web Developer.

    A bit of clarification would be great. Thanks to all.

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    1. This is not NET forum so your question should be posted in NET section.
    2. Try instead of build do a publish web site. You will see what got compiled and what need to be on the IIS.

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