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Thread: http method timeout windows server 2008 enterprise edition

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    Question http method timeout windows server 2008 enterprise edition

    I'm trying to deal with a connection problem of my hosting service, I found out in this question


    in my case, i get error using drupal, which uses a netbeans function through glassfish to store data to postgresql. that I get those error, but i have a problem with that (even if that's very well explained):

    how could i manage what settings i have to change, since my web hosting service told me about IIS, but i've never used that tool, and i haven't found out any tutorial.

    From httpfox i get the same NS_ERROR_NET_RESET, that occurs on the first click to the "save" button, or after a while that i don't view that page. So I even checked with fiddler2, and get this kind of message:

    "ReadResponse() failed: The server did not return a response for this request."

    so does anybody know what i should actually do to solve this problem?

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    First of all-- move Drupal away from Windows servers.
    Drupal is not build for it.
    Host it on Linux servers only and disregard claims that it runs fine on both Windows and Linux servers, it is not the same. And I have 4 dead or dying formerly huge web portals/social networking sites as a prof of that. Each of those 4 use to have at least 2-3 million visitors per month until they move to Drupal on Windows OS.

    And believe you me it is not worth the time you will spend to fix all the security settings and 2008 OS problems with setting up Drupal site to run there. And at the end performance will be worse than same version of the Drupal on Linux
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