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Thread: Dreamweaver CS5 Template

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    Dreamweaver CS5 Template

    Iíve created a Dreamweaver CS5 template. The template displays perfectly. However, when I use the template to make another page thereís a problem with the way some of the links on the new page display.

    On a sidebar, I have a list of links that point to specific anchors on the target page. Each of the links displays with a question mark enclosed in a diamond shape. The links work perfectly, but how do I get rid of those ugly questions marks at the ends of the links? All those ugly question marks totally ruin the page. Can anybody help?


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    Those yellow highlighted question marks resemble extra code that DW can't interpret. Usually it's like having an opening <a> and forgot to have a closing </a>, then DW will highlight the <a> in yellow.

    It's basically DW's way or showing errors on the display side of things.

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