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Thread: collapsible panel inside Dreamweaver template

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    Arrow collapsible panel inside Dreamweaver template


    I just spent a long time building a great side menu on my Dreamweaver template file (.dwt) which appears on every page of my website. I used Spry collapsible panels for the main headings, and then nested Spry Vertical Menu Bars inside of the collapsible panels. I just realized that when you click on a link to a different page with the same template, the collapsible panels reset to the default closed or open position depending on how I set that default. What I'd like is for the panels to remember their open or closed state on the previous page. I have no idea how to do this. Is this possible or did I set this up completely wrong? I would really appreciate any help offered, thank you!

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    your first mistake was using dreamweaver templates as opposed to coding it yourself this thread would be better placed in the javascript section as not a lot of developers care for dreamweaver. good luck!
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    Giving us a link to the page where this is happening wouldn't hurt either.

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