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Thread: How do i make a html code that opens a different page depending on domain name

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    How do i make a html code that opens a different page depending on domain name

    for example when they click pricing on the main page, i want it load price page 1 with higher prices (www.website1.com/pricing) IF the domain thats masked is www.website1.com and i want it to load pricing page 2 (lower prices) IF the domain name is www.website2.com (www.website2.com/pricing). i would be okay the pricing page would be different ..../prices and ...B.com/pricing but as long as the code on the page can determine which domain is in the address bar and forward to the correct pricing page accordingly that would be cool. can this be done in html? if not whats the next easiest way?

    b.t.w. its for my zenfolio photography portfolio. its like photoshelter, smug mug, and i guess wordpress. i currently connect my website with zenfiolios hosting so that it creates www.website.com/video, www.website.com/blog, instead of www.zenfolio.com/website. currently www.website.com/pricing points to a page & it doesnt have .htm or anything

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    I'm not entirely sure I understand you. I see a mash of words. Can you try to explain your problem a little more clearly?

    If I have understood this (which I don't think I have) my initial thought is that this is not a HTML problem.

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    You will either need to make use of a server-side language such as PHP or ASP, you will need to use Javascript, or you will need to adjust configurations on your server. There is no way with HTML alone to accomplish your task.

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