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Thread: How to search / crawl our website looking for txt?

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    How to search / crawl our website looking for txt?

    Hi there,
    I am not a developer, but i am looking for a tool that will search/crawl our website for a specific text.
    We are busy changing out content hosting provider and need to make sure that none of our files are residing on the old server.

    Is there something out there that could do this for me? i.e. search code of loaded pages for any reference to "att-idns"?


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    check here, there's some good info about custom search. http://webdesign.about.com/od/admini...a/aa091399.htm
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    i don't know any straight forward way to search the source code, especially if you use php or javascript, as the page may have the code in the source and it could be overwritten as it loads into the browser.

    if you use mysql you can do a search, otherwise you may need to use ftp to download all the pages and then use a tool like editpad or notepad++ to search all files for the text, but you need to search the original file not the page after it has been rendered
    because the source code may not be the same as the source code on the server

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