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    JQuery Question

    I am not savvy with any programming but I can see where my CSS issue is coming from.

    Background: This is the JQuery for a slider I am using and I want to be able to call to multiple div's and I am not sure how to edit the code. The code is currently calling to .caption and I want it to call to multiple div's, (.caption1, .caption2, .caption3, etc...). I've tried ('.caption','.caption1') with no success, please help! Here is the code:

    preload: true,
    preloadImage: 'img/loading.gif',
    play: 5000,
    pause: 2500,
    hoverPause: true,
    animationStart: function(current){
    if (window.console && console.log) {
    // example return of current slide number
    console.log('animationStart on slide: ', current);
    animationComplete: function(current){
    if (window.console && console.log) {
    // example return of current slide number
    console.log('animationComplete on slide: ', current);
    slidesLoaded: function() {

    Thank you for your help.

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    try to use $('*[class*=caption]') instead
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