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Thread: background cutting off after php code...

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    background cutting off after php code...

    hey guys, i am having a hard time sussing this problem.

    Basically after the 1st php call in the body, the background cuts off...

    I just cant sort this out and keep everything else right.

    the page i am working on is http://plecpicker.com/index2.html

    The css file for it is http://plecpicker.com/css2.css

    I'm at a loss at this, atleast for tonight, (3.30 am here)

    Any help would be amazing.


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    I'd suggest that you also test in IE... you have more problems than just the background... like the menus!
    Start by validating your code... not sure if that's the problem but until you fix that stuff, there's not much use trying to trouble shoot the problem.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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