I have been working with the front end of websites and I have gotten fairly good at them, however, I am not so good with the back end. I have been wanting to create this change in society but I cannot do this alone. I am looking to create a site that basically digs up the roots of why people don't believe in themselves, aren't confident in themselves, and don't think they are beautiful. I'm looking for someone that could help me create a website that can spark a movement of change. One of the major components of this site is that everything done is anonymous. I have a goal to start out small with a page that you can write what it is that makes you beautiful and read what everyone else wrote, no one will know who wrote it. The effect of anonymous is a great effect. It's strange, it's a little bit more credible to people. When they read others things they can start to see why they are beautiful. I want to launch that page and than grow it to a few more and eventually a nationwide billboard campaign and onwards.

Would anyone be interested in helping me?