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    Responsive Design Template

    I was wondering about the Responsive Design CSS templates (320 and up, BluCSS, Semantic, Foundation etc). I always liked doing layouts from scratch, I've never really been a grid or a template guy, but adding in Responsive from scratch is seemingly time consuming. Both BluCSS and Foundation sound pretty good, but there is a boat load out there. Got any recommendations? Something handy, but not limiting?

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    try 960
    alot of famouse sites using it as Sony and Drupal

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    960 isn't a responsive template though. Or have the updated it? I think the 960 version is called Amazium. Here is an article i was looking at: http://flashsolver.com/2012/04/03/10...h-considering/

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    I've tried 320 and up, it's good but doesn't always render well on IE. You first see the mobile version momentarily before you see the layout intended for a desktop. I don't know if this is remedied in v9. The site I'm doing is still work in progress but is supporting some but not all tablets and smart phones. I've created a Wordpress template out of it so all content is controlled by the client. the-ropewalk.co.uk. I haven't used a fluid layout so it is limited.

    Anyway apart from that my thoughts on the whole concept is mixed. While I like the ease of use of layouts intended for smaller devices I still dislike how zooming into text and images are taken away from the user, so I would like to see something that really mixes up the positives of both desktop and device concepts.

    Hope this helps.

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