This is my first post here, I daresay the first of many.

I'm relatively new to web development - and I have too many questions and nobody but the Internet to ask them to.

So I've managed to set up my own site and landed my first paid gig. The client wants quiet a simple website - nothing I can't manage. Then she hits me with "I want to be able to do minor edits to this page" and then pretty well told me she doesn't want to have to rely on a developer (me) to make these changes. That would be all well and good if I used Wordpress but I like doing things the old fashioned way - hand coding with Brackets or sublime (depending on my mood).

So I'm faced with this dilemma: do I sacrifice my quality of work and use Wordpress so this woman can change the banner image whenever the desire strikes? Or do I insist that you hire a builder to build a house and a builder if you want a new room added?

I imagine this is quite a common issue for everybody starting out. I'm hoping to hear what the industry's take on this is. No doubt there is a huge benefit to a developer if he can generate revenue for page edits. But in 2016 is that just unrealistic? Is there third-party platforms that completely address this issue? Am I flying the noob flag high right now?

Any input would be great.

Thanks people!