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Thread: Best places to extend my knowledge

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    Question Best places to extend my knowledge

    Hey, I'm Alex. I'm getting more and more into web design/development and I'm looking for the best places to extend my knowledge.

    I currently use Codecademy, Code School and W3School for the main HTML and CSS learning, but I'm looking for the best places to learn languages such as Java, C#, C++ (not always for web dev/design purposes by the way).

    If you can link me to some, then that would be well appreciated. Thanks!


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    I've used CodeSchool.com for some Ruby/Rails stuff, and it seemed decent, and I see they also have a Python track.

    Laracasts.com has good stuff for PHP, particularly along with the Laravel framework.

    At some point it might be wise to squeeze in some old-fashioned learning with some general programming books, such as The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas, and/or Code Complete by Steve McConnell, and/or Clean Code by Robert Martin.

    PS: There may be better new books I don't know about, but those are the three I have.
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