(Hi, I'm not sure what the best forum or category to ask this; so, if anyone has any better suggestions, I'm all ears!))

So I just installed Drupal 7.11 and began following a YouTube video series to help set up a theme:

Part of this instructions advised to add these modules:
Views, Views slideshow, Ctools, Nodequeue, Libraries, Devel, Zenophile, Backup and Migrate, Token, Pathaut
...which I've done.

Now, on the 3rd video (http://youtu.be/siWbRB4iCVg) starting around 11:50, he explains how to turn the article pages into a slideshow view. And I've followed every step up to this point to the letter. Except, when he adds the Pager to the Bottom Widget of the view, my display didn't show the Pager Fields (until I saved it anyway, and then went back into the settings... there they were. I then selected the one in the video and saved again.) All other instructions I was able to follow exact.

But when it came time to view the slideshow widget on the actual page, it shows all the elements (images and text), but the transition doesn't work (nothing slides) and the thumbnails don't even change the main image.

I'm guessing I must have a missing module or one that needs to be properly configured...but I followed the instructions exact. Is there anything familiar about this situation that might prompt someone to think to tell me to install a particular module, or check a particular setting on an installed one?

Thanks for any assistance!