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Thread: Please Review: geopieces.com - a location based content network

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    Please Review: geopieces.com - a location based content network


    We are currently working on a new location based service concept that actively gives users the chance to create content without the heavy constrictions of existing plattforms.

    I am looking for Feedback on the website and its usability and structure.

    The link to the site: www.geopieces.com

    Our Business Proposition:

    What is: Geopieces is a location based content network based on Google Maps

    How it works: Geopieces allows user to create content based on the relevant geographic location by placing Media Pins on the map

    Why use: Geopieces organizes the Content based on the Geographical Location

    How we differ: Geopieces search is based on location and categories not user relationships

    Geopieces provides a map based content network, selling online advertisement space and RSS based location specific marketing feeds.

    Compared to existing Location based networks Geopieces offers the following advantages:

    Geopieces organizes the Content based on the Geographical Location
    All Users can Share their thougts, ideas, interests and opinions directly on the map
    To organize your Content just Pin your Place on the World
    Geopieces enables you to search for information by location and by category
    Geopieces is easy to browse and search - Just mark your point of interest on the globe
    Geopieces is location based, content driven and filterable by relationships

    You can use Geopieces to post these Types of Content by placing a Pin anywhere on the world map:

    Share your Status
    Write a Blog Entry
    Post a Picture
    Post a Video
    Share a Link
    Publicize an Event

    Each content type can be assigned mulitple Keywords which identify the content area it pertains to.

    Thank you in Advance for your Feedback!

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    No Feedback yet?

    There will be a complete redesign of the Landing page which will be live in about 7 hours.

    The Landing Page will contain all the infos necessary to get started.

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    Before I start...

    Before I click the link, I was curious about digital sales content that would be relevant to say English speaking countries, or even applications to sell for Windows PCs.

    For promotion I offer free constrained versions of the full blown product, like Notepad is to WordPerfect. How would pegging my location in a Canadian city help me?

    Or am I completely in the wrong location

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