Simple question, How can I set the Z-INDEX of the current div higher than the other divs in the script below?

A little more info:
I have a page using scrollTo that works perfectly except ONE problem. If you add a minimum width, when you resize the browser smaller than minimum and scroll horizontally, the divs outside of the masked area overlap the current content...

$(document).ready(function() {
	$('li:eq(0) a.panel').addClass('selected');
	//get all link with class panel
	$('a.panel').click(function () {
                //reset and highlight the clicked link
		//grab the current item, to be used in resize function
		current = $(this);
                //scroll it to the destination
		$('#about-page-wrapper').scrollTo($(this).attr('href'), 700);
		window.location.hash = $(this).attr('href');
                //cancel the link default behavior
		return false;
	//resize all the items according to the new browser size
	$(window).resize(function () {
		//call the resizePanel function
Your help would be greatly appreciated!