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Thread: Divs Sections & Articles

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    Divs Sections & Articles

    Whats the differance?

    For the last few weeks i have been relearning my web dev skills and making
    a site for a small business idea.

    My last(practice) version used Divs, the site rendered pretty much right in every browser.

    My newer version used the newer 'Section' and 'Article' tags.

    I really couldn't see a difference between them and good ol' Divs.

    But I used em because a book stated their better.

    I thought they were doing fine, my site looked nice in IE9, latest FF and safari..

    But then i opened it in IE8....

    as far as i can tell, ie8 does not apply css data to sections and articles...

    Either that or i did something VERY wrong.

    Anyway, my point is:

    I changed all articles and sections to divs...

    No my site renders fine in all browsers and versions that i can check...

    So what can sections and articles do that divs cant do better?

    I'm sure there must be something...

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    IE8 does not have native support for the HTML 5-specific tags you're using. Look into tools like Modernizr which can expand the compatibility of HTML 5 with older browsers.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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