Hi Guys,

I am very new to Web programming and am trying to learn some stuffs on my own... I did manage to get up on HTML and CSS and have already designed my site... I would like to start inluding my own JavaScripts on the site to include filters and dynamically update pictures.....

I am currently using ThickBox, which help me display Thumbnails and display the full pic when I click on the Thumb... Code is as below:

<div class="TabbedPanelsContent">
<a href="images/RallyBike_0610/Full/RallyBike_Maxi_0610-5.jpg" class="thickbox" rel="10JunMaxi"><img src="images/RallyBike_0610/Thumb/RallyBike_Maxi_0610-5.jpg" alt=" width="100" height="67"/></a>
<a href="images/RallyBike_0610/Full/RallyBike_Maxi_0610-13.jpg" class="thickbox" rel="10JunMaxi"><img src="images/RallyBike_0610/Thumb/RallyBike_Maxi_0610-13.jpg" alt=" width="100" height="67"/></a>

I would like to create a simple JavaScript where I can run the above codes several times to display maybe 20-30 pics... Any help from you guys??

I also want to know what is the simplest way to retrieve the filenames from a database to be able to do the real time updates.... I do have some SQL familiarity(10 years ago actually), but I am only hosting on a Web Server with no SQL Server on it....