I'm making a small website that's for an internal and closed network.

I want to use a card reader to get input from a card, and for the website to identify the user from that.

I want this to work no matter what page is loaded. I.E. even if my page is on the screen, when the next user swipes his card, his should appear.

Security is not an issue as this is a closed network and there is no reason to be concerned with tampering from other users. The pages will only display non-sensitive information, and the only available input will be the card reader and a touch-screen to navigate.

I can do this with forms of course, but that only works as long as the form is in view(or camouflaged with the help of CSS) and of course selected.

I figured if anything, JavaScript would be the way to go, to create a script that will "listen" for an input (preferably with no form or a css style hidden form) and redirect the user to his page. The card reader works just like any keyboard or scanner etc. it will just input the letters and numbers as if you typed them with the keyboard.

I'm more than happy to use jQuery or such, but I posess next to no skill in JS, and I don't really know what to look for to create such a feature.

Any hints or pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated! or perhaps someone has created something similar?