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Thread: Physical Rotate of Image

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    Physical Rotate of Image


    New here so forgive me if this doesn't make too much sense or is in the wrong place!

    Basically i have an image which is coming from a live camera and stored in a hosted folder, updated 3 times a day. However because of how it is set up the image comes in at a 90 degree angle to how it should be viewed.

    Is there a way that using html/javascript i can get the image to automatically load rotated through 90.

    Many thanks

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    The only way that I can think of to accomplish this is by using CSS3. For example,
    .rotate img { 
       transform: rotate(15deg);
       -moz-transform: rotate(15deg);
       -webkit-transform: rotate(15deg);
    The CSS style above will rotate the image 15 degrees. Something else you can try is using canvas, the tutorial below will explain the rest.


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    The Raphaël library allows to rotate images (whitout CCS3 or HTML5) like on this demo page

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