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Thread: Will This Configuration Be Enough to Run Ubuntu and Netbeans?

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    Question Will This Configuration Be Enough to Run Ubuntu and Netbeans?

    I will start with a little background info. I am a web developer and I have an up-to-date laptop, so I am not looking for a high-tech desktop PC as well. I am looking to get myself something that I can use for work only, leaving the laptop for entertainment and on-the-road stuff.

    That's why I decided to get a (cheap) desktop PC for . I found a pretty good offer for an affordable one with the following configuration and since I am not very knowledged when it comes to hardware, I'd like to consult with you guys. I will only install Ubuntu (or another linux distribution) and use Netbeans (a web development IDE). Some SVN and web surfing activities as well will be done, but no heavy multimedia stuff like watching movies or playing games or Photoshop (thees will be done on the laptop).

    The configuration itself:
    Intel Pentium 4 1.7GHz (256KB L2 Cache)
    RAM: 1024MB 266MHz DDR SDRAM
    HD: 20GB 5400 rpm SMART III Ultra ATA/100
    CD Rom drive
    Video: Intel Extreme Graphics 845G
    Connection: Integrated Intel PRO/100 VM
    Other: Integrated Intel Audio, 2+2xUSB 2.0
    Box/case type: SFF

    I know this is pretty old, but it's dead cheap and I think it will do the job for my needs. What do you think? Will this configuration suffice or should I spend a few bucks more for a better PC?

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    Yes -- I know this thread is old (I am the Thread Digger, after all ), but I'm interested in knowing how this worked out for you. Did you end up getting that?

    If I had seen this earlier, I'd have recommended that you open the wallet a bit. My mom has a Pentium 4 3 GHz (not sure of the L2 cache), 3 GB of RAM Intel 915G chipset. With newer Ubuntu releases with the Unity interfaces, I'd say it's acceptable, perhaps on the verge of needing replacement, even though all she does is surf (Facebook included). Each webpage takes a few seconds to load. I saw Ubuntu run on a configuration similar to yours and it was not pretty... everything lagged bigtime, and I wouldn't consider it usable and I consider myself fairly patient with slower computers.

    Also, on my own laptop (with an i3-350M and 3 GB of RAM), installing the 64-bit made a huge difference in overall snappiness, so I'd at least go for one of the rare P4s (like my mom's) that's 64-bit, and 2 GB of RAM.

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