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    Helpful Sites

    I'm new to JavaScript and was wondering if anyone has suggestions for websites or even books that can help me learn more? I'm taking a class but of course any additional help will be great appreciated. Of course I have my text book but sometimes its difficult to really get into the text book. I get some of it but sometimes I am totally lost and confused. Guess this happens when your learning something new. I have taken several classes on HTML and CSS I managed to catch on to pretty quick. JavaScript is taking me a bit more time and yes at times it causes me frustration. I have found some good resource sites but always looking for more. Thanks for any advice y'all may have.

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    I've learned a lot from this webdeveloper.com site. Try this:
    1. Read the next question down the list.
    2. Think about it for a while and try out whatever you think might work.
    3. Compare your answer with whatever answers already exist.
    4. If your answer is better, post it, otherwise, learn from what is posted.
    5. Go back to step number 1.

    You'll never find a book with this many questions and possible answers.

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