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Thread: Online designing tool

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    Online designing tool

    Hello All,

    I am looking for a script that is for a online designing tool.

    I have a business in wall stickers etc ( the stickers can be also used for on cars, boats etc.
    I want to make it possible that people can design their own sticker online and that they can see also visual how the sticker will be.

    Every thing they change must be also vissible.

    For example like this :

    Im looking for a script that can do this all , and that I can add the fonts myself as well as some images they can use.

    Where can I find something like this ?

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    You should write it yourself and find out how quickly complicated it gets. You'll lose simplicity and that is what is most important for your visitors. The simple tool becomes a full program, requiring a whole day just to become familiar with all the options.

    Here is a .txt written for .hta extension. I spare you the other linked scripts only for you to appreciate what I'm talking about
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    well the point is .. I can not write it myself ;-)

    But I have found a other tool that I like, and I like this one better.

    This one

    And yes I know it is all complicated.

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    both links go to the same page.

    it may not be that complicated - give us a list of the options you intend to provide (I assume background color, text color, font are among the basics) and we will have a better idea

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    Thank you for your reply.

    The options that I want to provide:

    - text color
    - font
    - reverse
    - alignment : left , center, right ( for when they have more then one line) and that
    they can select the rext what must be aligned.
    - choose some images and place them where they want to have them
    - change sizes of text and images

    Just the same options as the one I like.

    Also I want that I can add some fonts myself later.
    Also backrgound color , would be a option to but only in some other products.

    Tool must count the size automaticly depending on the font and letter size.

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