My POP REGISTRATION FORM works pretty good. However, Iím having a problem with a New Registration or a User logging back in due to the FORM not reappear immediately. It come back eventually after closing down the browser or after a 30-40 minute wait. It should appear immediately and prompt User to login each time after closing down the browser? I tried changing the time from 1-year to 1-hour or less, or just leaving time out all together but that didn't work.

My Question is: How do I get the Registration Form to re-appear immediately on next visit, after logging out and shutting down the browser? I am still very new to coding, so please take a look at my code below and if possible give me a real sample and/or insert it into my code. Thanks!


Email: Kirkpatrick.rich7@gmmail.com

p.s. Please feel free to edit my code:


if(@$_COOKIE['user_id'] != true) { // If the cookie "user_id" is not set to true

setcookie('user_id', true, time() + 31563000); // Sets a 1-year long cookie called "user_id" to equal true.

setcookie('user_id', true); // Sets a session-duration cookie called "user_id" to equal true.

require('reg_form_detail.php'); // require your form detail page