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Thread: Introduction to My site and ME.

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    Introduction to My site and ME.

    Hello everyone,
    I am a college graduate and looking for learning web development and programming. Can someone please advice me what are the best languages to start with and good for getting a software job in current situations. I hope
    I am posting this on right location if you think its not correct place, please feel free to move this to appropriate location. Thanks in advance.

    I have developed a website can anyone tell me how is the site working.. by just visiting??
    here is the link..
    FromDev: Web Development, Programming, Books Recommendation

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    Have you read all the books and stuff you've referenced on your site

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    HTML4 and CSS2 are the standard today, but HTML5/CSS3 may have reached critical mass. If not, they will soon-ish. So which you choose depends on time scale.

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