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Thread: .js caption overflowing its container

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    .js caption overflowing its container

    Please see URL: http://caspca.org/wordpress/, mouse over the Fogliani Golf Tournament event under the header on the right.

    This .js caption function is overflowing its container, title and the event image (clickable to the post). I want to restrict the amount of (caption) text displayed here so the caption doesn't overwhelm the featured events on mouseover, be it by a height property, limit to number of characters, or whatever means is best/possible. I only want to display 3-4 lines of the caption (post text). Script is attached. Can someone show me how to do this?


    Actually, I would prefer to show a few lines of the caption text as stated above, but if there is no good means of doing that, it would be acceptable not to show the caption text at all. I tried this, but this code:

    $.fn.capslide.defaults = {
    		caption_color	: 'white',
    		caption_bgcolor	: 'black',
    		overlay_bgcolor : 'blue',
    		border			: '1px solid #fff',
    		showcaption	    : true
    when 'showcaption' is set to false, the captions still display - ? - why?

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    aren't you firing caption before you set those default options?
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    I took care of it just by adding a height property to the .css. Thanks though.

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