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Thread: Can someone recommend a good form building framework?

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    Can someone recommend a good form building framework?

    Hi there,

    I'm working on putting together a quote for a new client. Essentially, this is what we need to do:

    - Allow users to register and login and create an extensive, detailed profile.
    - It has about 6 sections. I would like to break the form up into 6 pages so when you are adding the profile, you can save and move onto the next section.
    - Need ability to quickly build forms with validation
    - User should be able to save and come back to their form later
    - All data goes into a database
    - Need a way to export data into an XML or Excel file, and to display data on a web page for visitors to see.

    Can anyone recommend a really good framework that can accomplish this? Cost is not an issue here.


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    Most of the main players in the PHP framework arena have support for this. Which you'll like best may be a personal preference thing.
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