Below is the section of my html:

<div class="post quote">
<div class="date">
<p><span class="day">{DayOfMonthWithZero}</span> {MonthNumber} / {Year}</p>

<div class="content">
<blockquote cite="url">
<div class="source">{Source}</div>


<div class="info">
<p class="tags-label">Tags:</p>
<ul class="tags">
{block:Tags}<li><a href="{TagURL}">{Tag}</a></li>{/block:Tags}
<p><a href="{Permalink}" target="_blank">{lang:Permalink}</a> {block:IfShowNotes}{block:NoteCount}<s
pan class="notes">{NoteCountWithLabel}</span>{/block:NoteCount}{/block:IfShowNotes} {block:IfDisqusShortname}<span style="float: right;"><a class="dsq-comment-count" href="{Permalink}#disqus_thread">{lang:Comments}</a></span>{/block:IfDisqusShortname}</p>

I would like to know how:

1. To get the div classes
2. To assign the divs (classes) to variables
3. To get the date of my quote post
4. To check if the date of my post quote matches the current date.
5. To get the tag names of the post e.g "wisdom" or "power"
6. To check if any tags name match quote of the day
7. To get the content, text of a quote post / the whole quote itself
8. To document write the quote provided it fulfills 4. and 6.