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Thread: framed web forwarding issues

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    Exclamation framed web forwarding issues

    As a temporary solution, I am setting up a website that is hosted on a free server, and to make the url look a bit more professional, I wanted to use framed web forwarding to mask the url with my own .co.uk domain.

    But for some reason, safari and safari on the iPad dont like framed web forwarding and the website messes up. So to solve this i put in a script I found on the internet to detect iPads and redirect to the ipad site.

    However, because it is in a frame, the link just redirects still inside the frame and the problem still exists.

    To cut a long story short, I'm basically trying to ask what the javascript version of target="_top" is as I've never used much java script before (or if theres a better way to detect an iPad or safari)

    Thanks everyone!

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    no worries i figured it out, i just used

    top.location.href = ' ';

    thanks anyway

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