Hello all and thanks in advance for any assistance. I am sure this question will be silly easy for most of the pro's here..

I have this piece of JS to display a Hello Bar Solo on my site. It contains an URL that pops a widget etc. Everything works fine except when I mouse over the link in my bar, its picking up behaviour from my master CSS.

Ideally, I would like my link in my bar to appear exactly the same when it is moused over - zero effects - but I can't change this in my master CSS for the site as it will effect all sorts of other things.

I understand there is a way for me to place a CSS rule relating to hover in my JS but I am unable to find out how - so I was hoping someone here could tell me.

Thanks again - here is my existing code.

<script type="text/javascript">
new HelloBar( "Express Your Love And <a href=\"javascript:ju_loadiframe();\">Get 10% Off Your First Order!</a>", {
showWait: 1000,
barColor: '#A7D2D8',
mouseover: 'false',
linkColor: '#ffffff',
borderSize: 0,
helloBarLogo: false
}, 1.0 );