Hello.. First of all I'll say I feel a little out of my element here so please take it easy on me. I'll also say that I used to build sites in the late 90's-early 00's using HTML and when CSS started to become popular I didn't have time to code anymore. I moved over to Wordpress almost exclusively to get sites up and running fast.

So I have begun the process of launching a new site but it is going to be far more ambitious than anything else I have ever done in the past. I'm here in the forum to see if I can get some opinions about the best platform/language/database for my particular application so I can find the appropriate developers for the job.

I feel a little strage about dropping this question in the middle of a development forum but I'm not sure where else to go to get good information about this. If you know of a site that explains the differences of all the available options I would love to know about it. I'm just looking for some advice.

So the essence of the site is as follows: It has two sides, a "user" portal and a "contributer" portal where the contributors essentially populate the information in the user portal from multiple massive predefined databases. It will use much of the wiki model but better sculpt the experience for the users on the other side. Things can get extremely complicated on the contributor side to keep things relevant but I think this gives you a general idea of what we may need.

ANY information would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks..