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Thread: Purpose of developing mobile applications and why they are in high demand.

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    Purpose of developing mobile applications and why they are in high demand.

    Cell phones are not just a means of communication anymore. All sorts of facilities can be availed from them and this includes a wide range of services including internet banking, listening to music, watching online movies, making online transactions etc. As the needs of the common man increase, smarter applications need to be developed to meet those needs. The need to display data on mobile devices continues to grow - especially with the seamless extension of enterprise data onto the small screen. As a result, solutions for shortening the data-to-mobile implementation cycle are on the rise, and so the need for mobile development framework. Developing mobile applications is not such an easy task though. The developer needs to have years of expertise and technical knowledge to develop the application that best meets the userís needs.

    The purpose of mobile application development is to utilize a standards-based architecture that leverages existing IT infrastructure and maximizes return on investment to your business. This helps to extend enterprise data to mobile users with high security in a user friendly manner. While developing mobile applications , the developer should take care so as to make the application platform independent. This means that the application can run on any platform irrespective of the software or programming language in which it was developed. There are mobile applications written in Java, which run on iPad, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. Once the software is successfully developed, it should pass a testing phase where it is checked for proper functionality or any errors and after that, it is released on a large scale basis to the customers.

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    In Today's World there is a lot of Competition Everywhere. So In order to attract more users and also Considering Users Requirements Mobile Company's are Developing more and more Applications to it's users.

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