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Thread: Question about using a CMS, (WP, Joomla etc.)

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    Question about using a CMS, (WP, Joomla etc.)

    I have a question for the group. As a web developer & coder I've always hand coded all the sites I've built. (though one included a highly customized WP blog).

    Finally I have a client that wants to be able to manage/edit page copy and every page. They also want a Blog so now I'm considering a Content Management System. If I were to use one, which one should I use?
    Joomla?, Drupal? WordPress?

    I'd like to get everyone's feedback on this. I'm very learey of several things though:

    •a designer has designed the site. will i be able to implement using the CMS?
    •being restricted by design templates...perhaps?
    •losing time(money) on a project having to get up to speed learning how to use & customize.
    •bloated code, too many features to troll through etc.

    huge thanks to everyone, i'd appreciate some input, thanks!
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    I am a WordPress fan. Best choice if client wants a blog as well. WP is much easier than Joomla [I've never used Drupal.]

    1. You should be able to come close to the current design and paste in the text. Plugins and widgets should give you the functionality.

    2. Some template restriction but many themes allow a great deal of choice and you can always delve into the css as well as the templates.

    3. EASY to learn and customize, especially for one well versed in hand-coding.

    4.?? Not really, a good versatile theme with design and layout options [Weaver theme good place to start but it's a conservative standard look - unless you are looking for super glitz?] along with plugins and widgets should do the trick rather quickly.

    I resisted CMS for a long time thinking hand coding was pure, superior, best etc... For a person building a site by oneself, WP can't be beat.

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    Smile Support

    PS WordPress documentation and support is phenominal.

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    I am a Joomla fan. Actually easier to create a Joomla theme from static HTML that is it is for Wordpress in my opinion. However, if blogging is one of the main requirements, I would recommend you go with Wordpress as Wordpress was originally created for blogging. It is the best CMS for blogging.

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    Wordpress is better for blogs, but if you want to create shopping cart or e-commers website Joomla is much better plus other CMS like OScommerce and Nopcommerce also good for e-commerce website.

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