I have a form that allows the users to move items around on the page. When the items have been rearranged the user clicks the "Save" button and all of the coordinates of the items are stored to the database.

Here is my problem...

After the data has been saved the items are restored back to their original positions.

Here is how it works...
When the user clicks the "Save" button javascript is invoked that will gather all of the coordinates of the item and store them in two hidden, server side, input controls (X and Y). *** This works fine ***

On the server side the data is retreived from the two controls and then stored in the database. *** This works fine ***

But when the process is finished the items are all back in their original positions. I have code in place that keeps the page from rebuilding itself and putting the items back into their original positions.

So, what is causing this to happen?